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  • 12-week Victory Masterclass for Entrepreneurs (2-hour classes once a week)
  • BONUS: Program session recordings of all 12 weeks of the Victory Masterclass
  • BONUS: 1/2 day in-person (Anaheim offices) or video private strategy session
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to Larry and Dave’s HireMyVA Masterclass program (Prepare, Hire, Thrive) with tons of bonuses and tools
  • BONUS: Unlimited emergency calls during the program duration
  • BONUS: Private 90-minute Surge call to launch your business
  • BONUS: BroughtonHOTELS Peak Potential Pack Educational Boxes (8 months)
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to yoogoziINSIDER, our membership site, with tools and tips to help you in your business (currently closed to new members…except you!)
  • BONUS: CliftonStrengths and Kolbe A Assessments with evaluation calls, VICTORY book signed by Larry Broughton, Revealed Audio Recording by Larry Broughton, Lincoln journal designed by Larry to use for taking notes (or however you want to use it), yoogozi pen, and maybe a few other surprises
  • BONUS: Suite of five newly recorded, life-changing, and business-enhancing webinars containing up-to-date information that will allow you to maximize your Masterclass experience
  • BONUS: Access to recordings of the 5-part Free Masterclass covering the topics of 5-Star Strategies to Create and Extraordinary Life and Business, Building and Leading Your Elite Team, Identifying the Primary Roadblocks Holding Your Business Back from Making 7-Figures, Key Metrics that Can Help You Make the 6 to 7-figure Leap, and Productivity Hack to Get your Life and Your Sanity Back