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Can we talk about your business for a minute?

Has your business been stuck in the same place, or going down, and you've not been able to break through to the next level?

You may feel alone, but you’re not…many entrepreneurs are stuck and don’t know how to break through, but I can help you just as I've helped others.

I’ve put together a 12-week VICTORY Masterclass for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who need help breaking through to 7-figures.





This power-packed and in-depth one-of-a-kind program will take place in 12 Weekly 2-hour Sessions. You'll lay the groundwork that will take you to the next level, and see benefits immediately!

Week 1: Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

Home - Week 1 Anatomy of an Entrepreneur blue circle USE THIS ONEAmerica is suffering from an ever-widening leadership gap in every segment of society. Entrepreneurs are uniquely qualified to close this leadership gap because we’re always looking for ways to be better, do better, respond faster, and produce more. We have the greatest ideas! And we’ve got passion in our hearts, fire in our guts, and the deepest desire to keep moving towards our fullest potential.

Week 2: Vision

Home - Week 2 VisionA clearly defined vision is your battle cry, your call to action. It enables you to attract the best people—the “rock stars”—of your industry, inspiring team members to give their best and igniting organizational creativity. Your vision is an aspiration to a bigger, better future; being part of something larger than oneself is a prime motivator for most top performers.

Week 3: Intel

Home - Week 3 IntelWhen launching and growing your business, just gathering information isn’t enough. You must then take the time to analyze and understand this information to be able to use it to your advantage to turn info into intel. When you gather and analyze intel the RIGHT way, you'll become the go-to business in your industry and leave your competition to pick up the leftovers.

Week 4: Pocket Teaching (Sales Funnel) and Review

Home - Week 4 Pocket Teaching and ReviewWe'll spend time reviewing the previous three weeks, giving feedback on what you've created thus far, and go in-depth on your questions.

We'll also help you break through barriers that are in your way.

And of course, we'll help you build out a Sales Funnel the RIGHT way!

Week 5: Coaching

Home - Week 5 CoachingToo often entrepreneurs buy into the myth and romance of the “Lone Wolf,” stylized by popular media. Falling for this “go it alone” fable puts both your short and long-term success at risk. Seasoned Coaches and Mentors can move you further along the entrepreneurial path, and towards your fullest potential faster. We'll show you the secrets on how to find the right coach for you.

Week 6: Teams and Communication

Home - Week 6 Teams and CommsYou’ll never recapture true freedom, nor create meaningful significance on your own! We’ll show you how to build and lead an elite team, as well as how to effectively communicate your desires and goals. It’s said, “facts tell, and stories sell.” When communicating with high-achievers, transformational leaders must be master storytellers in order to inspire them towards your company vision and their fullest potential.

Week 7: Operations and Finance

Home - Week 7 Ops and FinanceOperations, Systems, and Finances may not be sexy to some, but they're vital to the health and success of your business! Systems must be setup and monitored properly (automated when possible) for sustained success and scalability. As leaders, it’s essential we have a keen understanding of our financials. We'll show you those Key Performance Indicators every business owner should be measuring, that most aren’t even aware of.

Week 8: Pocket Teaching (7 Essentials to Stellar Customer Service) and Review

Home - Week 8 Pocket Teaching and ReviewThis week will include a special teaching segment, and we'll spend some time reviewing the previous three weeks of instruction, answering your questions, and giving you feedback on what you've created so far.

Plus learn the 7 Essentails to Stellar Customer Service that will get people talking about you and your business!

Week 9: Rapid Action

Home - Week 9 Rapid ActionYou’ve been lied to! We’re told that “knowledge is power”—that’s simply not accurate. The truth is, informed, decisive action is power. With the countless critical decisions that must be made each week, which actions should be taken, and in what order? We’ve created a decision-making matrix specifically for entrepreneurs. We'll show you how to take bold, rapid action so you’ll become an absolute powerhouse decision-maker!

Week 10: You

Home - Week 10 YouWhat's the most important part of your business? YOU!!!

You'll understand more about yourself as we give you the tools to help you understand how you work and what makes you tick, and most importantly, guide you to being the best version of yourself!

Always remember, if you want to do great things, you’ve got to be a great person!

Week 11: Your Plan

Home - Week 11 Your PlanIf you’re serious about being a high-achieving entrepreneur, you must have a Strategic Plan. Most business owners don’t (which is why so few ever break the 7-figure ceiling). We’ve created a powerful, proprietary tool that will help you do more strategic planning in 90-minutes than most entrepreneurs do in five years! Your Strategic Plan will launch your business towards new heights, elevate your personal impact, and transform your life!

Week 12: Bringing It All Together

Home - Week 12 Bringing It All TogetherIn the final week, we'll be summarizing and reviewing everything you've learned, and help you to fully launch your business to the next level!


Home - icon access

Access to Video Session Replays

We will be taking deep dives each week with a lot of information so, unlike other masterclasses, you’ll be able to re-watch each session if needed so you can absorb everything at your own pace.

Home - icon detailed blueprints

Step-by-Step Detailed Blueprints

It's the "give me all the details and walk me through this process!" guide.

If you want a refresher of any step, describing when and what to do, this is it!

Home - icon rapid action

(Git 'er Done!) Checklists & Guides

These templates will make your work easier as we guide you through the process of launching your business to higher levels than ever before.

Home - icon fb private group

Private Community Forum

This is where members can connect with each other, find accountability partners, share their stories to learn from each other, ask questions, search for answers, and get advice.

Home - icon q and a

Live Q&As During Each Weekly Class

To answer your questions and review material. In fact, you'll hear wisdom garnered from our decades of experience building businesses and managing and leading teams in a variety of settings.

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Special Promo Price: 3 Monthly Payments

$3,500/mo $1,997/mo for 3 months for the 12-week program and all the bonusesGet StartedIncluded in the Program:
  • Victory Masterclass for Entrepreneurs (2-hour classes once a week)every week Starting Dec 7 for 13 weeks (minus one holiday break week)VALUED AT $9,750
  • BONUS:1/2 day in-person (Anaheim offices) or video private strategy session*** VALUED AT $4,500
  • BONUS:Lifetime access to Larry and Dave’s HireMyVA Masterclass program (Prepare, Hire, Thrive) with tons of bonuses and tools. VALUED AT $3,997
  • BONUS:Unlimited emergency calls during the program duration VALUED AT $3,000
  • BONUS:Private 90-minute Surge call to launch your business*** VALUED AT $1,450
  • BONUS:BroughtonHOTELS Peak Potential Pack Educational Boxes (8 months) VALUED AT $1,000
  • BONUS:Lifetime access to yoogoziINSIDER, our membership site, with tools and tips to help you in your business (currently closed to new members…except you!) VALUED AT $997
  • BONUS:Program session recordings of all 12 weeks of the Victory Masterclass VALUED AT $995
  • BONUS:Weekly Co-Working sessions designed to help you Focus and and Achieve your greatest priorities in less time!VALUED AT $1000
  • BONUS:CliftonStrengths and Kolbe A Assessments with evaluation calls, VICTORY book signed by Larry Broughton, Revealed Audio Recording by Larry Broughton, Lincoln journal designed by Larry to use for taking notes (or however you want to use it), yoogozi pen, and maybe a few other surprises. VALUED AT $495
  • BONUS:Suite of five newly recorded, life-changing, and business enhancing webinars containing up-to-date information that will allow you to maximize your Masterclass experience VALUED AT $495
  • BONUS:Access to recordings of the 5-part Free Masterclass covering the topics of 5-Star Strategies to Create and Extraordinary Life and Business, Building and Leading Your Elite Team, Identifying the Primary Roadblocks Holding Your Business Back from Making 7-Figures, Key Metrics that Can Help You Make the 6 to 7-figure Leap, and Productivity Hacks to Get your Life and Your Sanity Back.VALUED AT $97
  • TOTAL VALUE: $27,776

***Must be completed within 90 days of the end of the 12-week program.

Here's What People Are Saying


Home - darren hardy

Larry is a consumate professional. He is smart, visionary and wise - wisdom obtained through a track record of success. Larry is the kind of guy you hope to one day get the chance to do business with.

Darren Hardy

Former Publisher, Success Magazine,
New York Times Best-Selling Author

Home - steve wright

Wow! The Mastermind was powerful and action-packed! It kept me on my toes; stirred me to think new ways about leadership and business; and exposed me to like-minded, driven entrepreneurs (who I now call friends). With my newfound skills, confidence and clarity, I'm more energized and able than ever before to move towards my fullest potential. I owe you big time for all you've done for my business and me.

Steve Wright

CEO, Spectator Shade, former NFL Player,
Survivor Season 22

Home - testimonial chris dambach

Folks must join this! Turns out business is more than just balance sheets, and this Mastermind delivers on both! In the last year my revenue has grown over 80%! So on a scale of 1-5, 5 being best, this Mastermind scores a 10!

Chris Dambach

CEO, One Industry Standard

Home - testimonial michael lugrand

I've gotten better clarity of my vision, mission, and goals. This Mastermind has shown me how to leverage my strengths and my networks to make positive movement.

Michael Lugrand

CEO, My Life's Documents

Home - testimonial chris hale

Larry represents the best qualities of veteran entrepreneurs: tough, savvy, agile and intelligent.

Chris Hale

Publisher, Vetrepreneur magazine,
US Navy Veteran

Home - testimonial travis mcvey

Thanks so much, Larry, for the tools an concepts you taught me at the Mastermind success intensive. You said I could transform my business in 90 days, and you were pretty much right on the money. I will be forever grateful. Thanks for showing me how to take action and make a dream come true.

Travis McVey

Founder, Heroes Vodka,
USMC Veteran

Home - testimonial deana linderholm

Larry is an outstanding leader and businessman. I have always found him to be an inspiring individual with a keen creative mind, passionate devotion to quality customer service and a commitment to his community.

Deana Linderholm

Get to 7 Figures!


Home - LB head shot circle

Larry Broughton

Larry Broughton is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and CEO, bestselling author, mentor, keynote speaker, and veteran of the U.S. Army's elite Special Forces. As a former Staff Sergeant, serving 8 years on Special Forces A-Teams (commonly known as the Green Berets), Larry has parlayed the lessons learned from his time in service to his country and applied them to the business arena attaining extraordinary success.

Dave Braun

Dave Braun is a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, website guru, and author. He is also the CEO of Pro Website Creators, which helps small businesses and individuals with web design, copywriting, and social media. Dave loves to work with clients to help their websites be the hub of their marketing wheel! He's invested years learning the technical aspects of WordPress web design as well as writing copy to help make client's messages clear and not confusing.

Home - dave head shot 579x579 circle
Home - MEDIA BAR WEB Larry Broughton rev1 1

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Full refund (minus $100 processing fee) within 72 hours of purchase.
50% up to November 30, 2021 (1 week before start of 1st class).
After November 30, 2021, no refunds are available.